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But you will need a library for this which you can download from here ” Code for using it is: SideNavigationView sideNavigationView; sideNavigationView = (SideNavigationView)findViewById(; sideNavigationView.setMenuItems(; sideNavigationView.toggleMenu(); Now, make menu you want to show in Slide menu. When in touch mode (when the user is not using a trackball or d-pad), views cannot take focus, so you should never use focus as the basis for modifying items in the options menu. It allows you to create alternative menu configurations for different platform versions, screen sizes, and other configurations by leveraging the app resources framework. You can change this preference below. I am using Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBa. Implement onContextItemSelected() . i adding some component in activitymain. When an event occurs and you want to perform a menu update, you must call invalidateOptionsMenu() to request that the system call onPrepareOptionsMenu() . Screenshot of a submenu with checkable items. Please Help. Skip to content. This feature is not available right now. Please help me I have very less time and have to complete it within 2 days. Also based on the position you could set some Bundle data/arguments and then set layouts accordingly in the Fragments onCreateView method. Call super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu) so the original menu items are created, then add new menu items with menu.add() . * Required Fields Hooray! Full name * Email address * Company / developer name One of your Play Store app URLs What are you interested in?* What’s new Games updates Android development Receive newsletter in English Arabic Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) French German Indonesian (Bahasa) Japanese Korean Portuguese (Brazilian) Russian Spanish (Latin American) Thai Turkish Vietnamese Add me to the mailing list. droidux 43,330 views 9:32 Android Tutorial for Beginners 30 # Action Bar (ActionBar) # Overflow Menu Items and Icons – Duration: 12:44. For example: Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu){ super.onCreateOptionsMenu(menu); // Create an Intent that describes the requirements to fulfill, to be included // in our menu. Enabling the contextual action mode for individual views If you want to invoke the contextual action mode only when the user selects specific views, you should: Implement the ActionMode.Callback interface. You can match this ID against known menu items to perform the appropriate action. Sign in 13 Loading. By default, selected items are deselected/unchecked. Here’s an example menu named gamemenu.xml: The element supports several attributes you can use to define an item’s appearance and behavior. mDrawerLayout The DrawerLayout to link to the Activitys ActionBar. The design guide will also tell you when to use it and when not to use it. The ViewGroup representing the main content UI should be the first child inside the DrawerLayout as the ordering in XML defines the z-index and the drawer should overlay the content, not the other way round. Something like this Is there any library or example where I can check? Thank you very much. for example for about slide a about page fragment, for home slide a home page fragment. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled .. Rather, the popup menu is for extended actions that relate to regions of content in your activity. With a group, you can: Show or hide all items with setGroupVisible() Enable or disable all items with setGroupEnabled() Specify whether all items are checkable with setGroupCheckable() You can create a group by nesting elements inside a element in your menu resource or by specifying a group ID with the add() method. It’s like if the menu was already behind that main screen and that it just got uncovered. But if youre making use of the action bar, then extending ActionBarDrawerToggle is a better idea. You can test your app in the emulator or device to start swiping your finger from the left to draw the hamburger menu. .. and where can I download this Reply Marco says: September 19, 2015 at 10:08 PM 1-what do I have to import in the java classes? 2-is there any downloadable file with the sources? 3-how can I put intents? 4- Although you might want to create one fragment for each option and based on the position of the clicked item, insert its respective fragement Although (&) what happens/what should I do? 5-Lets get into some codes now vs. PRABEESH R K 66,632 views 13:24 Android App Development for Beginners – 33 – Overflow Menu – Duration: 15:20. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website CAPTCHA Code * Post navigation Previous Previous post: Difference Between setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled(), setHomeButtonEnabled() and setDisplayShowHomeEnabled() ActionBar Methods in AndroidNext Next post: Android Send and Receive SMS (Text and Data/Binary) Messages with SmsManager and Intents Recent Posts My Experience With Newor Media Top 10 Code Snippets With CSS Animations How to Create Social Media Share Buttons Search for: Search SubscribeFollow on Twitter RSS Feeds Subscribe by Email Poll Which JavaScript framework do you prefer/use ? Angular Ember Backbone Knockout React Vue Polymer Meteor Aurelia View Results Loading . For a sample application using this technique, see the Note Pad sample code 5a02188284

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